Hey! Is the article about Jim Abbott coming out on September 17th? That's my brothers birthday!!! (His name is Bear.) 🎊🎁🎉🎀🎂🗓⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️17 17!!!!
Kaitlyn, Age 5
Yes! The interview will come out around that day. Happy (early) birthday, Bear. I hope he likes the story!

Eid Mubarak, Russ!
🇧🇩Aariz🇸🇦, Age 0
Happy Eid al-Fitr to you too, Aariz! We will have a special story about the end of Ramadan soon. Stay tuned!

I am Izzy I am in 4th grade. I can’t wait for the World Cup. I check News-O-Matic every day!
Izzy 🤑, Age 9
Hi, Izzy. I am excited for the World Cup too — and it's already here! Morocco beat Egypt today 1-0. ⚽

The World Cup is finally here! I am so excited, but in the previews Spain and Portugal are both number 8. I am wondering if it is a tie or one of them should be number 9?
Adi, Age 11
Hi Adi! Thanks for your question! FIFA updates its rankings regularly, so some teams have changed position. Right now, Portugal is No. 4 and Spain is No. 10. I'm very excited for the game too!

In the article about London Breed you said she is the only female mayor in one of America's top 15 cities but a lot of sources said Seattle is a top 15 city and it has a female mayor. I wanted to check if this was true.
Adi P, Age 11
Great point, Adi! Seattle DOES have a female mayor, Jenny Durkan. But Seattle is not a top-15 city. It is one of America's top 20 cities, though!

Hi Russ. Can you publish more articles about cats please? I’m a cat-lover. Also, what is that picture of beside the Ask Russ computer? I have always wanted to know. 😀
Mary, Age 11
I love cats too, Mary! 😻 I'll look for more cat stories to write for you. The picture shows my two kids. It's based on a real photo. 👫

Thank you for making the article about us, Russ. And thank you for putting my picture of me and my grandmother on the slide show. Thats all I ever wanted.
Nicholas, Age 10
Thank you for the wonderful story, Nicholas. It makes me so happy to know that you were reading News-O-Mtic with your grandmother! ☺️

Hi russ! Can you publish an article on Eid? That’s tomorrow! I am super super excited. And I love this app! Really, I can’t stop reading!
Aalia, Age 9
That’s a great idea for an article, Aalia! Will you tell me more about the Eid? Which part are you most excited for? Let me know! 😊

Hi Russ. Is Ben Lecomte still swimming?
Sophie, Age 11
Yes he is! Lecomte will be swimming across the Pacific Ocean for months. He hopes to reach San Francisco, California, by the end of the year.

Hi Russ it's Logan from List Elementary. It is such an honor that you are writing about us. Or shall I say THANK YOU!!!! 😀
Logan, Age 10
It was an honor to hear from you and your classmates, Logan. Thank YOU for your amazing job! I cannot wait to publish your story.

This is my first day on this app! I love it!
Adélaïde, Age 8
Hi Adélaïde. 🎉Welcome to News-O-Matic!🎉 I'm very happy you like it so far. Keep reading!

Who won the NBA finals trophy?
Vansh, Age 9
It was the Golden State Warriors, Vansh! Stay tuned for a special article about the team celebrating its third championship in four years.

All these stories are so interesting. What is your favorite story so far?
Ava, Age 9
Hi Ava. Thank you! It's hard to say what my favorite story is so far. I really enjoyed writing my recent article about Ben Lecomte and his mission to swim across the Pacific Ocean.

I like when you tap the News-O-Matic button it turns all funky with magnets and soccer balls and stuff!
Dashel, Age 10
I like that too, Dashel! It's a little secret. 😉

I live in Canada so I am proud that the G7 took place there!
Violette , Age 10
You should be proud, Violette. La Malbaie looks like a beautiful place. 🇨🇦

I am so happy that I have this app on my iPad. My parents didn’t want me reading the news because they said some of the things shown were inappropriate. My parents and I love this app because I can hear about what is going on in the world.
Eloise, Age 10
I'm happy that you have News-O-Matic too! Thanks so much for your note, Eloise. We promise to keep this a safe space for you to learn about the world! 🌍

Hi Russ. I can't wait for the future of News-O-Matic. Keep up the good work!
Thomas, Age 10
Hi Thomas. Thank you! I'm very excited about the future too. Our team is working every day to make News-O-Matic the best it can be!

I love this app! Every time my family of 13 people goes on a road trip, I read stories on News-O-Matic the whole time!
Murphy, Age 10
Sounds like fun — but don't forget to take a break from NOM every now and then! Seeing new places with family is an awesome experience. 😄

How do you pick which articles are featured?
Murphy, Age 10
I try to have a good mix of topics. I always make sure to include news about big world events! I also love having stories about animals, arts, and sports, too.

I am so glad to hear Trump is finally having the meeting and in SINGAPORE! I used to live there. It’s amazing and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately I came to South Africa and had to leave all my friends behind but I made new friends and I love it. 🇿🇦
Bailey, Age 11
Thanks for telling us about Singapore, Bailey. I'm glad you made new friends in your new country!

Why is it important for kids to know what's going on in the world?
Dara , Age 11
Because this is your world too, Dara! We all share the Earth, and you should know how it's changing each day. You will someday be making big changes to it too.

I really love your news Russ. It really inspires me into reading😂😂😂😂
Emilia, Age 9
That is the best note I could EVER read! Thanks, Emilia. And keep up the reading! ☺️

Awesome statues!🗿Cool hats. 🎩
Kaitlyn, Age 8
I agree, Kaitlyn! I loved reading that article and learning more about the statues on Easter Island. 🤠🗿

My favorite article was "Let's Go Paint." I'm so happy for the Indians.❤️😄🖖🏿
Reese , Age 9
I'm glad you liked it, Reese. I also thought the story was very interesting. 🎨

We do not have recycling bins. We used to. What else can I do to help our oceans❓🌊🗑
Reese, Age 9
Hi Reese. There are plenty of ways to help our oceans. Even if you don't have a recycling bin you can still reuse materials in other ways!

I live in the U.A.E where there are no storms, but I will be going to New York soon. Do you think I might run into a storm there?
Elena😛😂😜, Age 10
Hello, Elena. Yes, there are storms in New York. (I live there!) But the weather can be quite beautiful! I think you will love it. 🗽

Hey Russ! Do you know what group Canada is in in the World Cup?
Jiyan Jane, Age 8
Unfortunately, Canada isn't in the World Cup this year. 😢⚽ Don't worry, you aren't alone. My country, the United States, also didn't make it.

Hello! I don't think it's possible to swim across the Pacific Ocean. Do you really think he will do it⁉️
Brennan, Age 11
Hi Brennan. We'll have to wait and see! News-O-Matic plans to check back in with Ben Lecomte when he reaches the end of his journey.

What nationality is Ben Lecomte?
Violette , Age 10
Good question! You can find the answer by tapping the "Fact" button in that article.

I thought there was going to be an article about baseball player Jim Abbott soon. Will that still happen?
Bear, Age 7
Yes! We will still be publishing our article about Jim Abbott. But it's going to come out in September to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his no-hitter!

Switzerland for the World Cup!
Pokediger, Age 12
I'm glad you're excited for the World Cup. Stay tuned for our Group E preview coming soon. That's the group Switzerland is in! ⚽️

Hi Russ, I find the loch ness monster story really interesting! So please get more information when you can!
Glitter, Age 10
Don't worry, I'll keep you updated!

Hi Russ. Robert Kennedy has inspired me to be kind, patient, and love and help people in need. He was a great man.
Isabella, Age 11
Hi, Isabella. Thank you for sharing.

Hi Russ. I loved the gorilla story. Do more wacky week dog stuff!
Emma, Age 9
Hi Emma. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Be on the lookout for a Wacky Week article later this week. It might not be about dogs though!

When will the memojis come out?
William, Age 11
Hi, William! The memojis will be coming in a software update in September. 😃