Hi Russ I really like the story "Total Eclipse."πŸ˜„
Zoey, Age 9
Thanks, Zoey! I wrote it right after watching the total solar eclipse from Wyoming!

How many miles wide is the moon?
Jackson C, Age 9
It is 2,159 miles wide. Or that is 3,474 km. πŸŒ™

Hi Russ. I love reading about the baseball articles. Wow the dodgers are looking like they will win the world series thanks see you later⚾️⚾️⚾️
Brayden, Age 10
I used to love reading about baseball when I was your age. And I still do today! 😊 Yeah the Dodgers are amazing. They just keep winning!

I really liked the story on the P&G championships! I'm level 4 in gymnastics myself.
Lyric, Age 9
Thanks for reading the article, Lyric! I'm really excited for the World Championships in October. 🀸

Hi Russ, I had a question about news-o-matic. The little dog on the bottom of the page what is his or her name?
Mandi, Age 11
Hey Mandi. That's Newsie! He is our newspaper's mascot. Newsie has been with us since the beginning of News-O-Matic!

Hi Russ, Could other countries besides the United States see the solar eclipse?
Lily, Age 7
The total solar eclipse was visible only in the United States. That's why many people called it the Great American Eclipse! It was partial in some places like Canada.

Hi Russ, I live in Oregon and I am going to see the whole eclipse on Monday! I am so excited! πŸŒ•πŸŒ–πŸŒ—πŸŒ˜πŸŒ‘πŸŒ’πŸŒ“πŸŒ”πŸŒ•
Sichen, Age 0
That's awesome, Sichen! Make sure you only look at the eclipse when the Moon totally covers the Sun.

I really loved the goat-ga story. It reminded me of my dog Toby. He does that all the time when my mom does yoga. My dad jokingly called it to-ga. πŸΆπŸ˜€
Claire, Age 11
Haha, I'd love to see Toby doing his thing! It's so funny how animals like to participate in activities that are meant for humans!

Hi Russ how do you find all these news?
Sofia, Age 9
Hi, Sofia! My workers and I are always reading, listening to, and watching the news. Also, readers often suggest great stories! Do you have any ideas?

Hi russ, excited for another day on your awesome app!!!😍😍 I am in love with news-o-matic!!!!❀️❀️
Khloe, Age 9
That's so nice to hear, Khloe! We have some awesome articles for next week - stay tuned!

In the Elvis slideshow was the place Elvis's house????β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ€‘
Ashlynn, Age 9
Yes, it was, Ashlynn! Today, there is a museum at Graceland. More than 600,000 people visit it each year!

Hi Russ, do you know what temperature it will be outside when the eclipse happens?
Allisa, Age 9
Hey, Alissa! Scientists say that the outside temperature could drop 10Β° Fahrenheit (5Β° C)! ❄️

Hi Russ my name is Brandt. I really enjoyed your article about the solar eclipse.
Brandt, Age 10
Thanks, Brandt! I am writing more stories about the eclipse now. I hope you like them too!

Hi, what's up Russ? We started News-O Matic today😁😁😁
Olivia, Age 9
Hi, Olivia! It looks like a whole group of students just signed up! Welcome! Say hi to Camden, Grayden, Megan, Demi, Khloe, and everyone else! 😊

Hi Russ. Were any of the ancient buildings burnt in Athens? πŸ•πŸŒ‡It is sad that people get droughts.😒 I live in South AfricaπŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ and we are in a drought. I hope all the ancient buildings and art are saved!🀞🏼I hope the firefighters manage to end the fire.πŸšπŸš’
Kiara, Age 12
Hi Kiara. Don't worry, Athens is safe for now. The fires are pretty far away from the ancient city. And I hope that South Africa's drought will end soon!

I really liked the article of the dog art gallery. I love art galleries, and dogs deserve to have fun, too. If I had a dog, and if the show was near me, I'd take my dog.
Sophie, Age 9
Hey, Sophie. Dogs and art are also two of my favorite things, too! I was really jealous of Ashley (the author). She got to pet so many dogs at the exhibit!

When was the last time there was a eclipse?πŸŒ’
Sarah, Age 10
Hey, Sarah! Eclipses aren't too rare. However, the last total eclipse that was visible from coast-to-coast in America was 99 years ago!

Hi Russ, I was wondering if I am inside during the solar eclipse can it still affect me?
Mandi M, Age 11
No it cannot. But remember the only danger is from looking at the sun. You can always be outside during an eclipse! Just as you would never look at the sun, don't do it on Monday either (without special eclipse glasses).

Hi Russ. I live up in northern USA. Will the eclipse still work?
Lauren, Age 11
Yes! At least a partial solar eclipse is visible in all parts of America except Hawaii and Alaska.

I live in Central Ohio, and I am going to watch the eclipse! I will make a pinhole projecter. I am almost 11 years old, and I love outer space!
Daphne, Age 10
Have so much fun, Daphne! Will you tell me all about it when you see the eclipse???

Hey Russ! I was wondering, during the solar eclipse, if we have pets will we need to bring them inside? I don't know if it will damage their eyes like it will ours. Thanks!!!!!
Alli, Age 9
Hey Alli! Good question. You don't need to worry about your pet - they already know not to look up at the Sun. The main danger is for humans that stare at the Sun without eye protection!

Hi Russ. Will you see a total Solar eclipse? I live in Georgia so my mom said we might see it! The tips were very useful. I have never seen an eclipse! I can't wait!
Ellakate, Age 12
Yes I will see it, Ellakate! I live in New York. But I'm traveling to Wyoming to see the total eclipse event there! Glad you liked my tips.

Dear Russ. I love the moon and sun ones. I love the cats and dogs ones too.
Sasha, Age 10
Those are all my favorite topics! That's why you see so many stories about them. 😊

I loved your article about the total solar eclipse. It gave me so much information about the sun and how the moon goes in front of it.
Karolina, Age 10
That is great, Karolina! I'm so glad my story could help you understand the eclipse. It's coming up in one week! β˜€οΈπŸŒ•πŸŒŽ

I'm scared about the North Korea warning. What should I do?
Drake, Age 11
Hey, Drake. It's normal to feel worried. Try talking to an adult about how you feel. It might also be helpful to write about your feelings.

Was that a pig in the dog surfing video?
Ella, Age 9
Yes, it was a pig! It did not compete in the event, though. The animal just wanted to catch a wave! πŸ– 🌊

Thank you for spending your time to make this app amazing. I love every article, it is full of details and makes me want to never stop reading! Thank you for adding puppy articles. They are some of my favorites. πŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸ•πŸ•πŸ•
Karina, Age 9
Thanks, Karina! You're in luck! We are writing a couple of dog stories in the next few editions. I hope you think they are awesome! 🐢

Hey Russ! I really enjoy reading your articles. I wanted to know if u can feature my class in some kind of article. Please help me out. P.S. - can you write an article about the war between Ukraine and Russia? I want to know who's winning. Let's hope Ukraine. Thanks
I would love to feature your class! Ask your teacher to email me at info@press4kids.com. I have an idea... I will try to keep you posted on Ukraine. It is very complicated!

I have a joke for you. How did the hipster burn his mouth? He sipped his coffee before it was cool!
Rehaan, Age 10
Wow, Rehaan! That joke is hilarious! πŸ˜‚ Thanks for sharing!

Awesome! 😍 I love it! I didn't know that pine martens existed! Mind blown! Thank you for letting me learn something new.
Aidyn, Age 10
Haha! I didn't know about these animals either. They are so cute! I LOVE helping you learn something new each day! 😍

I live in Australia. It's winter now, and we are at school with rainy days. I have always wanted to be featured on the News Room. Why do you enjoy this job so much? My class reads News o matic every single day. I learn from it and find it very interesting.
SQUIDDLY in Victoria, Age 11
I enjoy learning new things every day and inspiring young readers. It's the best job ever! Can your teacher email me at info@press4kids.com? Maybe we can feature your class in Australia!

I can't believe bolt lost the 100 meter race, but I guess these things can happen. I still think he will be the world's fastest runner what do think?Can you please put more sports articles because I like reading the sport ones thanksπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
🀑Snoop dog🀑, Age 10
Yeah, I couldn't believe Bolt lost! I don't think anyone will beat his 100-meter record in the near future. Bolt is a once-in-a-lifetime athlete!

August 7th is my grandma's birthday. Sadly she passed away 3 years agoπŸ˜”. My mom was super sad, but my sister, dad, and I comforted her. Her memory still lives on...
Micahman, Age 10
I'm sorry to hear about your grandma, Micahman. That is nice you could comfort your mom. And it is wonderful that you keep her memory alive. Never let it fade!

Matt P, Age 10
THANKS, MATT! I'm glad you have fun reading our stories. I'll try to do more soccer stories for you! ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️

What is your favorite sports? I like football🏈 Soccer⚽️ golfπŸ‘ HockeyπŸ’.
🐬Dolphin🐬, Age 11
I like many sports! My all-time favorite is probably baseball. ⚾